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Welcome to the beauty periodicals

Elena Nelson, MBA, CIDESCO Diplomat, Master Aesthetician and founder established Cascade Esthetics & The Make-Up Boutique with a focus on healthy glowing skin! With over 18 years of expertise serving Yakima, and an incredible track record for results. Elena's signature peels and clinical skin care treatments are some of the most trusted and results oriented facial treatments in the Pacific Northwest. She is an industry expert in the field of medical aesthetics and skin rejuvenation and customizes all of her treatments that are only offered in her private practice. 

What sets Cascade Esthetics & The Make-Up Boutique apart from other skin care facilities is the great results that are achieved by using Cascade Esthetics signature peels and clinical treatment protocols used to treat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, sun spots, red veins and more. All treatments promote collagen for overall skin health and are specially customized and performed in a comfy facial bed in her cozy studio. You can be sure to get great results for weeks to months afterward and expect smoother, firmer, and more dramatic results with regular visits. Treatments offered are safe and effective, and even with just one visit at the boutique you can expect to visibly transform your skin for immediate Healthy, Glowing, Skin! 

Now that you know a little bit about Cascade Esthetics & The Make-Up Boutique. I welcome you to explore the beauty of all things aesthetic while you enjoy a cup of java:) Although, clinical skin care, art, and all things beauty have been a huge part of who I am and a passion of mine. I am also fascinated by culture, originality, and creativity. I also have a love for researching  and writing, which is  why I created "The Beauty Periodicals", to bring unique content that will inspire and motivate good intentions for our skin and our inner soul! 

From a beauty expert, artist, and techie standpoint. The Beauty Periodicals is your source for all things beauty, art, and tech. So watch out for fun tips and tricks, top products reviews, articles, and updates on what Cascade Esthetics & The Make-Up Boutique is up to!