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Skin consultation



In person skin consultation- $45  may be applied toward product or treatment. (1/2 hour consult)   

Healthy Glowing Skin Starts With A Skin Care Consultation!

Your skin is important to me! When you arrive I will review and analyze your skin prior to recommendations, as it is an important component to the success of your skin care plan. I enjoy having a Q & A in order to meet your skin care goals and enjoy listening to your concerns! I will do my very best to educate you on my recommendations for treating your skin care concerns. 

At Cascade Esthetics & The Make-Up Boutique, I love providing my clients with options and customized clinical skin care.  I feel that it is important for you to be an informed client and to get the correct advise for your skin. My approach to skin care is taken in baby steps and can take weeks to months for correction. However, I believe that skin care it is not a one time treatment or fix, but rather a well planned out lifestyle change for the health of your skin. A combination of products and treatments are recommended in order to get results! 

I understand that finding the right solutions can be intense and that is why I customize a special  plan for your skin. I want you to feel successful with your skin care progress and that is why I am always available for you on your journey to Healthy, Glowing, Skin! 

Remember Results Take Time!

Although, I love when my clients leave with Healthy, Glowing, Skin after their treatment. Results take time and patience!  Real results are established from your commitment, specially selected ingredients that are backed by science, and the correct customized treatment protocol for your skin.